The iPhone 14 Plus Has Some Incredible Features

The iPhone 14 Plus Has Some Incredible Features

The iPhone 14 Plus has some incredible features for its users that are sure to impress

First of all, Apple has added Crash Detection to the iPhone 14 Plus, a new feature that can contact emergency services in the event of a crash. Multiple tech writers have tested this feature, including Joanna Stern of the Wall Street Journal, who crashed a car with her phone in a controlled environment.

Crash Detection

Apple’s new crash detection feature will be useful to people who may need to call 911 quickly. It uses a combination of sensor data and software to detect the possibility of a crash. It will then display a 10-second countdown to the accident and start an alarm to alert the emergency services. Additionally, the feature will send a text message to the emergency contact list to alert them of the crash. In one recent case, crash detection helped police respond to a fatal crash in Nebraska.

If the crash is severe, the device will display an alert for 10 seconds. The user can tap the display to call emergency services or swipe away from the device to dismiss the alert. If the user does not respond to the alert, the countdown will continue. Once the countdown is over, the device will call 911 for you.

The feature will also automatically call 911 if a person is riding a roller coaster. It will also play an audio clip about the severe crash and provide the emergency contact’s coordinates. This feature works with the device’s Wi-Fi and cellular networks to send the emergency help call.

Apple’s new Crash Detection feature on the iPhone 14 line comes with a few new features and improvements. The phone’s new TrueDepth camera has improved autofocus. It will also alert emergency contacts if the driver does not respond to the alert within 20 seconds.

Crash Detection is enabled by default on supported devices. However, if the feature makes the user worried about emergency calls, the user can turn it off. To do so, the user must go to Settings and toggle the switch next to Call After Severe Crash. This feature will stop when the user disconnects the call.

Always-on display

Apple’s new iPhone 14 Plus comes with an Always-on display. This feature keeps the display illuminated when you are near it, but you can turn it off if you are not using it. It is also energy-efficient. However, it can be problematic for users who are prone to battery drain. If you are experiencing battery drain on your iPhone, you can disable the Always-on display and turn it on only when you want it to be illuminated.

Apple first implemented the LTPO display technology on the iPhone 13 Pro, but it was limited to a 10Hz refresh rate. That was not enough for power savings, and it would have been more than a year before an always-on display was available on a mainstream phone. The iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on display is a much richer version of this technology than the ones found in previous generations.

The Always-On display is enabled by default on the iPhone 14 Pro Max. To activate it, you can raise the device, press the side button, or swipe up from the bottom of the display. This feature also works with Raise to Wake. You can also activate Face ID authentication by pressing the side button on any iPhone.

Apple also limited this feature to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Plus. In contrast, the standard iPhone 14 lacks this feature, and instead features a display that is unchanged from the iPhone 13 in terms of resolution. When the device is in its pocket, the Always-On display will turn off automatically. It will save battery life while allowing you to use the device without the hassle of waking up to a blank display.

The Always-On display on iPhone 14 Plus is not without its drawbacks. While Apple’s implementation is helpful for saving battery life, it does not allow for customizing it. The screen does not turn off automatically in some situations, such as when the device is connected to CarPlay or is running the Continuity Camera.

Apple waited for the latest display technology before adding this new feature to the iPhone lineup. This technology allows Apple to lower the refresh rate to a very low 1Hz. This is a 60-fold reduction compared to the traditional 120Hz.

Dynamic Island

The iPhone 14 Plus does not have Dynamic Island. This feature makes it possible to manage two simultaneous activities by splitting the screen into separate islands. Once split, the user can control each activity independently. There are some differences between Dynamic Island and its predecessor, but the iPhone 14 Plus’s version has a few unique features worth considering.

The screen of the iPhone 14 Pro has two pill-shaped cutouts for Face ID and the front camera. However, the OLED panel makes this area look like one pill-shaped cutout. You can easily change this cutout into larger cards, widgets, or other features. Apple also provides a Mac simulator for developers.

iPhone 14 Pro models feature a 30% smaller notch, which allows more real estate to be used for other features. One such feature, called Dynamic Island, blurs the lines between hardware and software by displaying a software pill above the display cutout. This lets users interact with the software pill and see notifications and alerts without leaving the screen. However, it is worth noting that many users have trouble using this feature.

The iPhone 14 Plus also has a new feature called Live Activities. This feature will allow apps to display real-time updates to the lock screen. For example, sports apps can use Live Activities to update the scores. In addition, the Live Activities feature will make it easier for users to keep track of their favorite teams and players.

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Plus both have a pill-shaped cutout at the top of the screen. This cutout houses the front-facing camera and functions as an interactive feature in many apps. This feature cannot be turned off permanently. However, users can disable the animated pill-shape by sliding their finger across it.

Emergency SOS

If you’ve accidentally activated Emergency SOS on your iPhone, you might want to report it to Apple. The company has rolled out the first developer beta of iOS 16.2, which has an option for users to report accidentally activated features. Crash Detection is another safety feature that can be accidentally activated.

The new iPhone 14 Plus features Emergency SOS via satellite. This feature uses the device’s satellite connection to alert authorities and share your location with selected contacts. Although the service isn’t yet available for the Watch Ultra or the Series 8, it will come to those devices in the future. It’s important to note that you must be in an area where Emergency SOS via satellite is enabled before you can use it.

Emergency SOS via satellite messages are sent in encrypted form to the emergency services. Apple decrypts the message and sends it to the emergency response team. The emergency responders will receive a text message from your iPhone that contains critical information, including your location, elevation, and battery life. If needed, you’ll be asked to provide additional information. Text messages sent via Emergency SOS will be three times smaller than regular texts. Messages will be sent directly to emergency services if you are in a location where emergency responders can receive text messages, but if you’re in a country where this service is unavailable, text messages will go to a relay center with Apple trained specialists.

Emergency SOS will be available to iPhone 14 Plus and 14 Pro users in November. Both phones use satellite connectivity to enable the feature. The new feature will be especially useful when you’re outdoors or in remote areas where cell service isn’t available. The service will be free for two years for iPhone 14 owners.

The new Emergency SOS features allow iPhone 14 users to contact emergency services even when out of cell phone signal range. Using the new satellite service, the iPhone will connect to emergency relay centers in the US and Canada. Emergency services will then contact the emergency service provider. In addition, emergency services will be notified of your current location and battery level.

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