How to Control Your Apple Watch With Your iPhone

How to Control Your Apple Watch With Your iPhone

If you want to control your Apple Watch with your iPhone, you can do so through gestures. The gestures include AssistiveTouch, Touch-and-Swipe, and Motion Pointer. You can also use Control Center to manage your watch. You can use gestures to turn on and off the features of the watch.


Using AssistiveTouch on your Apple watch can help you control your iPhone without the need to use your fingers. It can be turned on or off in the AssistiveTouch settings. To do this, go to the Appearance section of your Apple Watch and tap on the Colour tile. From there, you can switch the color of the selection ring. Double-pinching the screen to move backward or forward will highlight the button and confirm selection.

To activate AssistiveTouch on your Apple watch, you will first need to set an activation gesture. The default gesture is double-pinch, but you can also choose a different gesture. A pinch gesture will move you to the next item and a double-pinch gesture will move you back one item. Double-pinching is also useful for performing a scrolling action.

AssistiveTouch is a new feature in the new Apple Watch that makes it easier for people with disabilities to interact with the device. It uses the device’s sensors to understand and translate hand gestures into commands. To use AssistiveTouch on your Apple Watch, you must have iOS 15 or later.


If you’d like to control your Apple Watch with your iPhone, you can do so using the Touch-and-Swipe gestures. These gestures are essentially the same as those used on your iPhone. However, you can also perform other functions using your iPhone’s controls. For example, you can use your iPhone’s Control Center to open and close apps. This feature is limited to apps that you’ve installed.

When you’re not wearing your watch, you can use your iPhone to silence it. You can also use the Digital Crown to raise your wrist to activate Siri. The Digital Crown will also respond to your voice, allowing you to speak to Siri. You can also use Siri on other iOS devices and on a Mac.

The Digital Crown on your Apple Watch can also be used to answer and end phone calls. You can use it to send incoming calls to voice mail or put them on hold. It will also turn off the display when it is covered. The Apple logo appears on the Digital Crown.

Motion Pointer

There are a variety of ways to use the Motion Pointer on your Apple Watch with your iOS device. You can bring it up by pinching the Action Menu, double clenching your wrist, or shaking your wrist while holding your iPhone. Once activated, the motion pointer can be used to scroll through menus, swipe through screens, and tap buttons. It can also be used to select apps by hovering over them.

The Motion Pointer feature can be customized by tweaking its settings. You can change the sensitivity, hot edges, and activation time. You can also customize the gestures. The gestures can be programmed directly into the Watch app, or you can even reprogram them from your wrist.

The Assistive Touch feature is another way to use the Motion Pointer on your Apple Watch. You can enable it by clicking on the “Learn More” link under the hand gestures section of the Watch app. The app includes diagrams and instructions for each gesture.

Control Center

When you’re on an Apple Watch and you want to control certain features, you can go into the Control Center. Just like on the iPhone, this app offers quick access to a variety of features. However, it’s important to note that it can’t add third-party controls. However, it can be a great tool for setting up the watch’s overall settings and basic functions.

In order to access the Control Center, swipe up or down from the top of the screen. Swiping down will allow you to switch the theme. However, if you have a faulty screen protector, you won’t be able to access Control Center. A greasy or oily Apple Watch screen can also prevent the Control Center from working.

Once you’re in the Control Center, you can press or tap buttons to perform various actions. Pressing a button will bring up a list of controls, while holding it will launch a specific app. You can also use the button to open other apps. However, the control center isn’t as intuitive as iOS.

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