How to Move Apps From the App Library to the Home Screen on Your iPhone

How to Move Apps From the App Library to the Home Screen on Your iPhone

If you have been trying to figure out how to move apps from the App Library to the Home Screen on your iPhone, you are in the right place. This article will guide you through the process. You will learn what the app library is, how to find it, and how to remove the app you are not using. In addition, you will learn how to add an app to the home screen and restart your iPhone.

Step 1: Find the App Library

The App Library is an important part of the iPhone Home Screen. It allows you to easily search for, open, and delete apps. This feature helps you to keep your Home Screen clean and organized. You will also find the most recent downloads and suggestions for new apps.

In addition to the App Library, iOS 14 includes some new features that make it easier to find and use your apps. One of these is Spotlight Search. With Spotlight Search, you can search any app on your iPhone.

Another feature is App Folders. With App Folders, you can arrange and organize your apps in folders on your Home Screen. Each folder can have multiple screens. To create a folder, tap and hold an app.

Step 2: Select the App You Want to Move

If you have installed apps onto your iPhone, you’re probably wondering how to move them from the App Library to the Home Screen. It’s easy. You just need to know where to look.

The Apps Library is the home of all of your installed apps. They appear in alphabetical order and are separated into categories. This makes it easier to find the apps you need, without opening up multiple boxes to check what’s in each category.

On the left side of your screen, you’ll see a search bar. Using this feature, you can check for apps you haven’t used in a while or find the ones you’ve lost.

When you find an app you want to move, you can tap the icon or hold it until you get a pop-up menu. You can choose either to open the app, remove it, or add it to the Home Screen.

Step 3: Tap Add to Home Screen

Adding and removing apps from your Home Screen is a great way to keep your iPhone clean. However, not all apps can be removed from the Home Screen. For example, you cannot remove your Calendar or your Mail from the Home screen. You can, however, remove widgets.

To add an app to the Home Screen, you must tap and hold the app’s icon. The menu will pop up. After choosing an option, you will be asked to select a place for the app to be stored. Once the location is chosen, you can release your finger to save the new location.

Alternatively, you can move an app to a different page on the Home Screen. Typically, you will want to avoid adding an app to a page that already contains an app. This will ensure that your newly installed app will be placed on the most convenient spot on the Home Screen.

Step 4: Remove the App You Want to Remove

The App Library is the iPhone’s main library of apps. It’s a list of all the apps that are on your phone, and it’s easy to hide unwanted apps. There’s also a Search tool that allows you to find and delete apps. And the App Library can be accessed on the Home Screen. This guide shows you how to remove an app from the App Library and add it back to the home screen.

Deleting an app is easy. Just hold the icon until a pop-up menu appears. You’ll be prompted to confirm your deletion. If you’re running iOS 13.2, the pop-up menu will appear, but if you’re not running the latest version, you’ll see jiggling icons instead.

Adding an app to the home screen isn’t too hard either. Hold down the icon for a few seconds to bring up the menu. Tap Add to Home Screen.

Step 5: Restart Your iPhone

You can send apps to the App Library so that you can easily access them. The App Library is a searchable repository for all the apps you have on your device. It also allows you to search for an app and add it to your home screen.

If you want to delete an app from your iPhone, you can do so by long-pressing on the app icon. Once you press the app icon, a pop-up menu will appear. From the pop-up menu, you can choose to Delete the App, or Move to App Library.

In iOS 14, you can remove entire pages of app icons from your home screen. Just hold down the icon until it starts wiggling. With longer taps, the icon will wiggle automatically.

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