How to Use the App Library on Your iPhone

How to use the App Library on your iPhone

The App Library is a great way to organize apps on your iPhone. It automatically sort them into categories and provides a searchable alphabetical list.

However, navigating the App Library can be a little confusing at first. You can get a handle on it by understanding how each category box works.

1. Swipe to the right on your Home Screen

Apple introduced the App Library to iOS 14 as an alternative to constantly scrolling through pages of apps on your iPhone’s Home Screen. It organizes your iPhone’s apps intelligently so they appear in categories that match how you use them.

It also includes a search bar that lets you find any app on your iPhone without ever opening the App Library. This makes it much easier to locate the app you’re looking for, especially if you can’t remember its name or don’t know where it is on your iPhone’s Home Screen.

The App Library is a great way to keep track of your iPhone’s apps. It’s organized in categories that are automatically generated based on how you use them. It also features a searchable alphabetical list view of all your apps.

2. Tap the App Library icon

The App Library is a handy tool for browsing all the apps on your iPhone. It’s especially useful when you’re trying to find an app that you’ve misplaced on your Home Screen or is missing from a folder.

As you add apps to your device, they gradually fill up pages on your Home Screen and it can be difficult to locate them. Apple’s App Library aims to solve this problem by automatically sorting your apps by category.

The App Library includes all the apps on your Home Screen in two columns that are automatically grouped by category. You can tap an individual app to open it, or you can also tap a group of four smaller app icons to view all apps in that category.

3. Tap a category

The App Library is a new space on your iPhone that holds all of your apps in one easy-to-manage view. It’s a bit like Android’s app drawer, but instead of just collecting apps in a bunch of folders, iOS organizes them into categories.

As soon as you swipe to the right on your Home Screen, the App Library pops up. It has two smart folders called Recently Added and Suggestions, which are apps that Siri thinks you’ll probably use next based on your recent activity, time of day, and location.

Each folder shows a selection of the apps inside it. There are three large app icons and four smaller ones in a quadrant at the bottom of the screen.

4. Tap an app

The App Library is a great way to sift through your apps, but it can be a bit of a pain. If you have a lot of Home Screen pages to swipe through, it can take quite a while to navigate through this feature.

To make it easier, the App Library organizes your apps into folders with three larger icons and four smaller ones in a square grid. Each category displays a preview of some of your apps that can be accessed by tapping the smaller icons.

These folders are based on what kind of apps you have on your phone, such as social, utilities and recently added. You can’t rename these folders, but they are helpful for quickly sifting through your app collection.

5. Tap the search bar

The App Library is one of Apple’s new Home screen features in iOS 14. It’s a drawer for all of your apps, and it’s great for removing excess apps from your Home Screen to keep things tidy.

In the App Library, Apple organizes all of your apps into folders based on their categories in the App Store. These are usually called Social, Utilities, and Entertainment, for example.

When you tap an app icon in the App Library, a full-size version of it appears. You can also tap the little four-icon grouping, which opens a view of all apps in that category.

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