All the Things an Apple Watch Can Do Without an iPhone

All the things an Apple Watch can do without an iPhone

The Apple Watch is an impressive device that can help you keep up with your daily life. It’s also a great tool for health enthusiasts.

It’s not a substitute for your iPhone, but it can do plenty of useful things without one nearby. Here are some of them:

Track Your Workouts

With an Apple Watch, you can track your workouts quickly and without needing to connect a third-party app. The Watch and its Apple Fitness app work together to help you track your calorie burn, heart rate, and more.

The watch can also help you pause or end a workout. To do so, open the Settings app on your Apple Watch and tap Workout.

While you can track some workouts using Health, the Activity Rings won’t update unless you manually enter them in the Health app (via Apple). If you’d like to add your steps and other exercise data, you can do so by opening the Health app on your iPhone, tapping Browse, and then tapping Workouts.

Make Phone Calls

If you have an Apple Watch with cellular capabilities, you can make phone calls without an iPhone nearby. For a small monthly fee, cellular models let you place and answer calls while away from your iPhone.

You can also use your cellular Apple Watch to call emergency services in other countries. This is particularly useful if you’re traveling internationally and don’t have access to Wi-Fi.

The cellular Apple Watch works best for people who don’t have access to an iPhone, such as students and others who work at jobs that prohibit the use of a smartphone. It’s also a great option for parents who want to keep their kids safe, especially with features like fall detection and emergency SOS.

Send Texts

If you have an Apple Watch with GPS+Cellular capabilities, you can make and receive calls and text messages without having your iPhone around. Just make sure your phone is paired with your watch and you have the right cellular plan or Wi-Fi enabled.

Messages on your Apple Watch work in the same way as on an iPhone, with an alert on your wrist when you get a new iMessage or regular text message. You can respond with a range of options, including Default Replies, Emojis, and Dictate Text.

You can also add custom text replies or delete them from the Apple Watch if you want to. Alternatively, you can set up the watch to automatically send read receipts when you receive a message.

Listen to Audiobooks

If you use Audible to listen to audiobooks, you can now enjoy your collection on Apple Watch. Audible’s new app allows you to stream and play audiobooks from your watch over Bluetooth headphones.

It also supports synchronization with other devices. Audible books sync in the background when you’re on Wi-Fi or cellular, so you can pick up right where you left off on any of your devices.

However, there are some issues you may encounter when syncing Audible books to your Apple Watch. This is because some users’ Apple Watches don’t meet the Audible app’s minimum requirements.

To solve these problems, you can try a professional Audible converter. UkeySoft Audible Converter can remove DRM protection from Audible audiobooks and convert them to MP3 for playback on Apple Watch or other portable devices.

Control Other Devices

The Apple Watch has all kinds of great capabilities that go well beyond tracking your workouts. It can help you take photos and make phone calls, but it also has the potential to control a range of other devices.

If you have a Bluetooth-enabled iOS device, your Apple Watch can connect to it via the Remote app, enabling you to swipe through menus, select a highlighted item, and control media playback on iTunes or the Apple TV.

You can also use your Watch to snooze an alarm or change the volume of music playing on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You can do this using the Watch’s App Switcher feature or a dedicated Accessibility Shortcut on your iPhone.

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