How to Show Battery Percentage in Your iPhone Status Bar

iOS 16 How to show battery percentage in your iPhone status bar

Apple’s iOS 16 update is out, and among the new features that have been added to iPhone is an option to show the battery percentage in your status bar.

This is a great feature to have because it makes checking your battery’s level more convenient. Previously, you had to swipe into Control Center or use the Batteries widget to check it.

How to enable it

Apple added a new option to iOS 16 that lets you display the battery percentage in your iPhone status bar. This feature has been a longtime wish of iOS users and it was finally given a go by the latest iOS 16 Beta 5.

While you can still see the battery percentage in Control Center on modern iPhones with Face ID, many people don’t like the way it appears there or don’t want to use that app when they’re on the go.

That said, it’s a handy visual aid that can help you keep track of your battery power and it’s also really useful when you’re running low on juice.

If you’re using an iPhone X, XS, XS Max, 11, or 12 series with a notch, the feature was removed because of the notch’s impact on the status bar space. It’s now back in the iOS 16 Beta 5 update for all (supported) notched iPhones.

How to customize it

In iOS 16, Apple is bringing back the fan-favorite feature of showing your iPhone’s battery percentage in your status bar. It was removed for a while due to the notch design, but now it’s back for Touch ID and Face ID devices.

This is a great option for people who have trouble knowing when their batteries are getting low or are just concerned about how much juice they have left. It’s a simple change, but it makes your iPhone’s status bar feel more personal.

To customize the status bar, long-press on the Home Screen and tap Edit. Next, scroll down to Batteries and choose your preferred widget style. When you’re satisfied, tap Add Widget.

How to remove it

If you’re an iPhone owner, then you probably love the new battery percentage option Apple introduced in iOS 16. It lets you see exactly how much charge your phone has left at a glance.

Unfortunately, the feature isn’t available on all iPhones. That’s because the notch Apple introduced last year made space at the top of your screen tighter, which eliminated the ability to show a battery percentage in the status bar.

However, Apple has heard your pain and brought it back with iOS 16. This time, you can view your battery percentage right in the battery icon itself.

How to disable it

Many iOS users have complained about the lack of a battery percentage in their iPhone status bar, and that’s finally changing with the release of iOS 16. Apple has now made it possible to show the exact battery level right on your screen.

However, there are still some iPhones out there that do not support this feature. Thankfully, this is easy to fix as long as you are running the latest iOS version.

The issue is that some iPhones simply do not have enough pixel density to allow for the new battery percentage in the status bar. And because of that, they will not be able to see this option in Settings.

But you don’t have to worry, because fortunately there is an option to disable this feature in iOS 16. This will stop the background app refresh from happening.

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