How to Edit Multiple Photos at Once on an iPhone

How to Edit Multiple Photos at Once on an iPhone

One of the many new iOS 16 features is a bulk edit option that allows users to copy and paste edits from one photo to another. It’s a very handy feature that can save a lot of time!

The Photos app is an easy-to-use, nondestructive image editor that lets you make quick changes or in-depth edits. This year, Apple redesigned the app with a range of new tools that can improve your photos and videos.

1. Select the Photos You Want to Edit

Editing a photo should be fun, but making the same tweaks to multiple photos over and over again can be frustrating. iOS 16 takes the hassle out of this process, and lets you batch edit your images in just a few taps.

To get started, first select the photos you want to edit. Then, you can choose what settings you want to apply.

2. Tap the Edit button

A new feature in iOS 16 makes it much easier to edit multiple photos at once. Batch editing lets you take precise edits from one photo and apply them to another, eliminating repetitive steps that can quickly become tedious.

Whether you’re a serious amateur or just want to edit your photos, this new feature is worth checking out. It’s only available on iPhones running iOS 16 or higher, though.

3. Select the Edits You Want to Copy

Whether you’re a casual photography enthusiast or a professional content creator, copying edits on an iPhone can save you lots of time. With iOS 16, Apple added a neat functionality that allows users to replicate the same edits across multiple photos without having to re-edit them each time.

The feature can also come in handy if you want to apply a specific filter or aesthetic to your images. This way, you can easily replicate that look across your photos.

4. Tap the Copy button

If you want to edit multiple photos at once on an iPhone, it’s a fairly simple process. The key is to make a set of changes to one photo, which the system then copies and pastes onto other photos.

In the Photos app, tap the blue Edit button on an image to apply whatever changes you like. These can include filters and manual adjustments such as exposure, contrast, saturation, tint, etc.

Copying edits from one photo to other can be done by tapping the Copy Edits option at the top of the editing interface. However, you won’t be able to copy edits that were made using auto cropping or straightening, nor will you be able to copy edits that were applied using Markup (say adding a signature).

5. Tap the Select button

Apple has added a new batch editing feature to the Photos app that lets you take precise edits from one photo and apply them to a set of other photos. This can be a useful way to achieve a similar look from a series of images shot in the same place.

To use this new batch-editing feature, all you need to do is make the same edits on a single photo and then tap the Copy button on your iPhone’s screen. This feature is available only for iOS 16 users, so if you don’t have an iPhone running iOS 16, you won’t be able to use this trick.

6. Tap the Paste button

A new feature in iOS 16 allows you to edit multiple photos at once, taking the pain out of batch editing. You can use this to apply custom filters, corrections, and effects to a whole bunch of pictures.

You can also use this technique to copy text from any app or document on your iPhone or iPad. To do this, tap the area where you want to paste the text and then hold down your finger until a magnifying glass appears.

Afterwards, you can simply tap the Paste button to paste the text into another app or document. This works in many ways similar to how you paste content into any other app on your device using the Universal Clipboard.

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