How to Use Lockdown Mode on iPhone

How to Use Lockdown Mode on iPhone

Using a lockdown mode on your iPhone can be a great way to prevent people from accessing your phone when you’re away. With a lockdown mode, you’ll also be able to block most attachments from saving, prevent websites from loading custom fonts, and prevent text messages from showing previews of links.

Blocks most attachments save for images

Depending on your model of choice, Apple’s latest firmware release should be in your inbox this week or next. The good news is that your smartphone will be as safe as a jackrabbit. As for the not so good news, a new breed of cloned iPhones is being sold in cyberspace at lightning speeds. Fortunately for us geeks, there’s an army of security gurus at the ready to slay any malware beasts that stray. This is a good thing as one of our own has been tapped for the coveted job title of “security sleuth”.

The other notable is a recent discovery from the same team. They have found that one of their more than ten thousand employees is a security savant. This includes the likes of Mr. Crabbe, who has been known to take the helm of a sassy security firm.

Disables link previews in text messages

Using Lockdown Mode on an iPhone will disable link previews in text messages. This makes it harder for attackers to enter areas and download contents with phone-cracking technology. It also prevents the installation of configuration profiles. It will also limit FaceTime calls from unknown contacts.

The Lockdown Mode is designed to protect users who are likely to be targeted by a state-sponsored hacker or foreign government. It affects Messages, FaceTime, and Safari web browser. It limits access to Apple services, disables just-in-time JavaScript compilation, and blocks the installation of configuration profiles.

However, the Messages app does not allow you to disable rich link previews. Instead, you will see a full URL with a small icon and title.

Although you can still copy the URL and paste it into a browser, the link itself will be blocked. In addition, it will be harder for you to attach images to a text message. You will also be unable to minimize hyperlinks in Apple Music or the PDF Viewer.

Prevents loading custom fonts from websites

Using Lockdown Mode, your iPhone may not function as you know it. The new feature is aimed at improving security and privacy by blocking access to some websites. This includes sites with known exploits and malware. While this will not prevent all malicious activity, it will ensure that you will be unable to install apps, open email, or play games. In some cases, it will even prevent you from using some of the more complex web technologies like video and audio. This means that you will miss out on some of your favorite experiences.

The iPhone’s aforementioned new feature will also affect how your browser loads websites. For example, Safari and Chrome will use their in-built fonts when they aren’t available on the web. This could cause your pages to sputter and be hard to read.

One solution for this problem is to switch off just-in-time compilers in your browser. This will prevent you from running malicious JavaScript code. Another solution is to use a CDN and ensure that the font files you download from the internet match the CSS of your website.

Reduces success rate of targeted attacks

Earlier this year, Apple released a new security feature called Lockdown Mode for iOS and iPadOS 16. The feature is designed to harden iPhones and iPads against highly-sophisticated cyber attacks. It limits the device’s functionality and disables complex web technologies.

While this new technology is not for everyone, it is important to understand that it is designed to protect individuals who may be targeted by nation states. This includes diplomats, journalists, lawyers, and political activists.

The feature intentionally disables online attack surfaces by turning off web fonts and link previews. It also prevents devices from being enrolled in Mobile Device Management. These services are used to keep track of and manage mobile devices. In addition, it makes it difficult for websites to identify and target interesting targets.

The new feature also limits iPhone core features like FaceTime calls from unknown sources. It also disables many message attachment types. And it locks wired connections to computers, which may help protect users against spyware.

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