How to Get Rid of the Hollow Arrow on iPhone

How to Get Rid of the Hollow Arrow on iPhone

If you’ve ever tried to use a popular app on your iPhone, only to be met with the hollow arrow icon, you’ve probably wondered how to get rid of it. The hollow arrow can appear on your screen when you’re trying to access a service that needs your location. There are ways to get rid of it, but first you need to know how to turn off Location Services on your device. This will give you the power to decide which apps can see your location.

Turn off Location Services

When you are using your iPhone, you might notice that the notification bar displays a hollow arrow. This is a sign that an app or service is tracking your location. If you want to get rid of this indicator, you can turn off Location Services.

Location Services is a feature of iOS that lets apps find the location of your device. Although this is a useful feature, it can drain your battery quickly. That’s why you should turn off Location Services to save battery life.

You can easily disable Location Services on your iPhone. First, you have to uninstall the Location Services app. Once you have deleted it, you can restart your phone and the hollow arrow icon should be gone.

Turning off Location Services can be done from the Settings app. You can find it in the Privacy section of the app. Alternatively, you can turn the feature off by using the toggle status bar icon.

Hide the Location Services icon

If you have an iPhone, you may be wondering why the location services icon is showing up on your screen. The Location Services symbol can be found on the top right of your phone’s screen, as well as in Settings. You can also hide or reveal this icon to get more control over your location tracking. This article will show you how.

It is important to note that the location services icon is not the same as actually enabling the service. Some apps, such as Google Maps, require that you input your location before it can access it. However, the location services icon remains on your iPhone, even if you disable the feature.

To remove the Location Services icon, you first need to go to the Privacy tab. Once there, you can scroll down and choose System Services. When you are in System Services, you can choose the Status Bar Icon option.

Control which apps have access to your location

When you use an iOS phone, you can control which apps have access to your location. You can disable location services for some apps, restrict location sharing for others, or change the permissions for all apps at once.

To change how an app can use your location, open the “System Services” screen. These services include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular networks. They also allow you to toggle location access for things like Apple News, emergency calls, and more. The default setting is to turn them all on, but you can choose to disable them individually.

Apps need a certain level of location to work properly. You can limit the amount of location data an app uses, or you can always ask for permission to track your location.

Some apps require precise location to function, while others are fine without it. Location services are designed to make it easy for you to control the amount of data your apps can access. However, third parties can take advantage of the system.


If you’re having issues with Hollow Arrow on iPhone, you need to look for the Geofencing option in Settings. This will help you get rid of the unwanted icon.

When you open the Settings app, you will see the Location Services option in the bottom left. You can turn the toggle on or off to enable or disable the location services feature on your iPhone. Alternatively, you can hide the taskbar button to turn the feature off.

While you can disable geofencing, this option does not remove all tracking features. Some applications also use this feature to track your locations. For instance, the weather app uses it to give you updates on how much heat it’s getting outside. Also, some devices come with a compass or gyroscope, which can be turned on or off in settings.

To disable Location Services, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Then, scroll down to the System Services section. From there, you can either disable all of the services or turn them off individually.

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