How to Turn Off RTT on iPhone

How to Turn Off RTT on iPhone

Real-time text (RTT) is a feature on iPhones that allows people who are deaf or have difficulty speaking to communicate over the phone. The feature is available for iOS 10 and later, provided that your carrier supports it.

RTT is similar to SMS but allows you to send messages instantly during a call. It can also transmit audio in parallel with your text message if you choose to use it.

Disable it in your cellular settings

RTT, also known as real-time texting, is a feature that allows users to send messages while they’re on a phone call or chat. This makes it a great way to communicate when you can’t be there to speak or hear someone.

It’s also an accessibility feature for those who have trouble hearing or speaking. However, there are times when you may want to turn off RTT on your iPhone.

You can disable RTT on an iPhone by going into your cellular settings. Once you do this, the feature won’t show up in any new calls with particular contacts.

If you do get a call with Real-Time Text, you can read it by tapping the i symbol next to the call history. This will show a snippet of the conversation, but it’s not more than one line in length.

Clear your cache

Your iPhone relies on data caches to store information and keep websites and apps up-to-date. These caches can slow down your device over time if they’re not cleared regularly.

A few simple steps can help you clear your cache on your iPhone or iPad, improving its performance and freeing up space. The process is easy to do and can resolve a range of issues with your phone’s battery, speed, and security.

You can do this manually or via the app you’re using. Some apps will have a clear cache button in their menu, while others won’t.

Regardless of the method, clearing your cache regularly improves the speed and performance of your device. It also makes it less likely that your sensitive information will be stored on a third-party site, which is something you should never do.

Reinstall the app

RTT (Real-time text) is a feature that sends messages immediately as you type them, without having to hit “Send.” It’s particularly helpful for deaf or hard of hearing callers who need to transmit a lot of information quickly.

However, this feature can become a nuisance on some iPhone models. If you’re having problems with it, you might want to turn it off temporarily.

To disable it, launch the Phone app on your device and tap Accessibility > TTY mode, or go to Settings.

If Real-time Text is disabled, a banner will appear when you’re placing or receiving calls with your contacts.

To reactivate it, go to Settings and toggle both RTT modes back on. Also, ensure that you’re using a valid caller ID.

Reset your phone

If you have trouble with RTT, it might be time to give your phone a fresh start. Factory resetting a device can fix persistent bugs, get rid of unwanted apps and malware, free up storage space and more.

The process can be a scary one, but it also feels rejuvenating. Think back to when you first power up your smartphone or tablet — that sparkling, uncluttered interface and speedy performance.

To reset your phone, make sure it’s plugged in and charging to prevent the reset from being interrupted (it’ll wipe all your data). Open Settings, select General, Transfer or Reset iPhone, and choose either Erase All Content and Settings or Reset Device.

Then confirm the wipe by entering the passcode for your device or your Apple ID password if you have one. Then, the device will restart and return to the initial setup screens.

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